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Create a special fragrance experience

While it is particularly important in retail to increase the length of stay and thus the probability of purchase and sales, in the hotel and catering industry it is particularly important to create a positive and inviting atmosphere with the scent.

For more relaxation and new vitality

But you can also create a relaxing and invigorating environment for your employees or patients with the Dr Scent aromas. Or just leave everyday worries behind after a stressful day at home and take a deep breath and let your soul dangle.

Premium fragrances for air fresheners suitable for all situations

Awaken the right emotions with the right scent and create more well-being, creativity and inner strength. New fragrance combinations with sensually sweet, tropically fresh or powerfully intensive floral, fruit and wood aromas: all purely natural.

  • calming and relaxing
  • invigorating and uplifting
  • revitalizing and stimulating