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    Immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of Paris at night with our exquisite aroma oil "Midnight in Paris". This intoxicating scent is reminiscent of the lights reflected on the Seine, the soft blue of dusk and the unique scent of rain-soaked roses on damp stones. An elegant yet soothing scent that seduces your senses.

    Top note - The sparkling opening:

    • Pink Grapefruit: The zesty pink grapefruit gives the fragrance a refreshing start and is reminiscent of the lively energy of Parisian nights.
    • Marin: The maritime note captures the fresh breeze that blows on the banks of the Seine and gives the fragrance a gentle freshness.
    • Strawberry: The sweet strawberry rounds off the top note and gives the scent a subtle fruitiness.

    Heart note - The romantic soul:

    • Jasmine petals: Delicate jasmine petals give the fragrance a sensual depth and are reminiscent of romantic walks through Parisian gardens.
    • Rose absolute: Rose absolute is the heart note of this fragrance and exudes the intoxicating scent of roses in full bloom.
    • Tomato leaves: The green freshness of the tomato leaves rounds off the heart note and gives the scent an earthy complexity.

    Base note - The sensual perfection:

    • Apricot skin: The velvety apricot skin provides a warm, sensual base note and is reminiscent of romantic evenings in Paris.
    • Patchouli Oil: Patchouli oil gives the fragrance depth and a lasting presence.
    • Cedarwood Chips: Cedarwood chips give the fragrance a woody base and an elegant balance.

    Main components - The essence of "Midnight in Paris":

    • Blackcurrant Absolute: The Blackcurrant Absolute is a main component of this fragrance and gives it a dark, mysterious nuance.
    • Patchouli Oil: Patchouli oil is essential for the depth and warmth of this elegant fragrance.

    Create a romantic atmosphere in your home with "Midnight in Paris". Let yourself be seduced by this beguiling scent that caresses the senses and touches the soul.

    Get Midnight in Paris today and enjoy the essence of romantic roses.

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