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Dr. Scent

Aromatic oil CITRUS OASIS

Aromatic oil CITRUS OASIS

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Awaken the right emotions with the right scent and create more well-being, creativity or inner strength.

The aromatic oils from Dr. Scent are made from natural, essential oils and offer an intensive and long-lasting fragrance experience.

Scent description & scent effect

Room fragrance CITRUS OASIS

New ideas, creativity and serenity. With the fragrance "CITRUS OASIS" you can take a break and draw new inspiration at the same time. The stimulating fragrance mixture of lime, lemon and tangerine brings freshness and joie de vivre back into your everyday life. The stimulating scents of lemon and lime promote one's own ability to concentrate and resilience in order to face forthcoming challenges with determination.

The fresh accents of tangerine support relaxation and security, which can calm irritated nerves. At the same time, the fresh and sparkling scent stimulates the senses and gives more drive and energy in everyday life.

fragrance notes

Room fragrance CITRUS OASIS

The room fragrance Citrus Oasis consists of essential oils, these are:

Top Notes: Fresh Lime & Lemon, Tangerine

areas of application

Ideal for Hotels & Resorts and Spa & Beauty

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