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    dr Medium aroma oil diffuser

    dr Medium aroma oil diffuser

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    Diffuser - color

    Dimensions: 250*220*100mm
    Bottle Capacity: 500ml
    Weight: 3.8kg
    Material: machine
    iron, acrylic
    Input voltage: AC 180V 240V, 50/60HZ
    Output: DC 12V 1A
    Power: 15W
    Coverage area: 400 m2, 1200 m3

    Additional properties:
    New updated classic model with sleek, durable design. Adds a sophisticated touch to your interior.

    Equipped with nebulizing nano technology, cold air diffusion system and whisper mode. Easy to use via the Dr Scent smartphone app.

    Practical and suitable for every room. Wall mount, easy to stand or you can connect it to your HVAC/AC system.

    included accessories

    Connector, bottle, PU hose, bracket, PTFE tape, connector, instructions and gasket.

    Coverage area ideal for rooms up to 400 m² or 1200 m³

    Can be wall mounted or simply placed on a table.

    You can also connect it to your HVAC/AC system.

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