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    Fragrance Guru Cup

    Fragrance Guru Cup

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    This stylish, small aroma oil diffuser integrates attractively into your ambience and, due to its size of 13cm and a diameter of 7cm, is perfect as a table diffuser as well as in the car, motorhome or boat. The diffuser is made of high-quality, durable aluminum and weighs only 0.39 kg when filled, making the Duftguru Cup ideal for on the go. The fragrance mist is emitted from the upper part of the diffuser, so the device should always stand upright and not be tilted. The upper part with the aromatic oil bottle is unscrewed using a double thread. The aroma oil bottle can be easily unscrewed and filled. The cold diffusion technology used atomizes the aromatic oil into the finest particles, which minimizes oil consumption and makes additional addition of water unnecessary. The diffuser is controlled manually via the touch display and can therefore be adapted to individual requirements in terms of scent intensity and the desired scenting times. The Duftguru Cup can scent up to 15m² and is therefore perfect for small rooms. Its compact size and light weight make the aroma oil diffuser the ideal companion for on the go.

    Accessories: power cable, 25ml empty aroma oil container, instructions for use

    Technical data:

    • Material: aluminum
    • Technique: cold diffusion
    • Power supply: DC3V/1.5W
    • Weight: 1.25kg
    • Diameter: 7cm
    • Height: 13cm
    • Volume oil bottle: 25ml
    • Volume: <30 db(A)


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