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Fragrance Guru Candle Flakes Refill Pack

Fragrance Guru Candle Flakes Refill Pack

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Experience the diversity of candlelight in a way like never before.

Our candles offer a unique experience of natural light that you have never known before. Made from pure white, vegan wax flakes and a hardwood wick, we combine sustainability and design to create an incomparable candlelight experience.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Light Source: The freedom of wax flakes allows you to customize candlelight to fit almost any vessel and size. Simply pour the flakes into the container of your choice, insert the hardwood wick, light it and you're done. You can even combine one or more wicks to increase your flame or create multiple flames in one large vessel.
  • Creative design: Be your own designer and create your ambience the way you like it. Our product gives you the freedom to customize your candles to suit your personal style.
  • Reusable: If you change your mind, no problem! The unused flakes in the container can be reused in a new container at any time, so you can create a new light again and again.
  • Sustainability: Our pure white wax flakes are made in Germany from 100% renewable plant raw materials. They contain neither animal fats nor mineral oil components like conventional candles. In addition, they are not subjected to any energy-intensive heating and cooling processes. The wicks are made from sustainable hardwood and are free of lead or other additives, like regular cotton wicks.
  • Atmosphere and design: A candle combines the incomparable atmosphere of natural candlelight with the creativity and freedom of interior design. We attach great importance to sustainability in production.

Transform your home, office or any place you love into an oasis of light and well-being with our unique candles. Order now and experience the magic of candlelight in a completely new way.

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